• EXPANSION - the process of developing sth. more fully or to work it out in greater detail
  • EXPECTATION - the act of looking forward or waiting for sth.
  • EXPERIENCE - the skill or knowledge gained by actually doing a thing
  • EXPERT - one who has acquired special skill or knowledge
  • EXPERTISE - expert option or commentary
  • EXPLANATION - making plain or understandable, giving reason or cause, shwoing the logical development or relationship of sth.
  • EXPLICATION - giving a detailed explation of sth.
  • EXPLICITNESS - a statement so clear that there is no doubt about the meaning
  • EXPLOIT - to extract value or use from, utilize sth.
  • EXPLORATION - careful and detailed examination , systematic search
  • EXPOSITION - an explaining of the meaning or purpose of something
  • EXPRESSION - stating sth. directly and distinctly in words or symbols
  • EXPURGATION - cleaning something wrong or objectionable
  • EXPEDITION - a journey or trip untertaken for a specific purpose
  • EXPERIMENT - the process of testing

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